About Us

As the world of eSports grows, a clear need has appeared among the fans for more reliable and stable sources of information. Esportsdailytips.com was launched with the goal of providing you just this kind of information, so you could always stay on top of what is going on in the industry.

The two main focuses of Esportsdailytips.com are the eSports industry news and eSports betting tips and predictions. Our team of dedicated writers and eSports players works diligently to provide you with the kind of reliable info that you can actually use and potentially make solid profits by betting on your favorite eSports.

News and Tips

The main focus of the site is with betting tips for eSports events. Still, to provide you with some background, we also do our best to deliver reliable and up to date news from the world of eSports which can help you better understand the betting tips we are making.

The tips themselves are where our main focus is. We deliver betting tips and predictions for all major eSports events based on extensive knowledge and analysis of the teams and players involved, competition formats, previous encounters etc. This way we can help you make smarter bets and turn a profit while enjoying the performances of your favorite eSports organizations.

Who Writes for US?

Our team consists of a number of dedicated eSports aficionados who have spent years tracking eSports events and teams and have been betting on eSports since the very inception of the idea. If anyone knows the ins and outs of the eSports betting industry it is our guys, so make sure to check our updates on a regular basis.

Providing you with some of the best and most current news and betting predictions, Esportsdailytips.com is your one stop shop for all eSports related things.